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Unlock Success Tools That Work 

Meet your Instructor

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Business Startup and Success Strategist

Dr. Joy Lough is a Business Startup and Success Strategist. With over 20 years of experience in business, management, and human resources.  She is an entrepreneur herself and published author of 5 books, 2 of which are bestsellers. Her most recent book "7 Steps to Success for the Entrepreneur" provides the reader with tools and tips to be successful on their entrepreneur journey. 


Dr. Joy has a background in academia, teaching a variety of business courses including but not limited to Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management, Management, Small Business Management, Strategic Management, Ethics, Business Plan Preparation, Decision Making with effective Communication, and Operations Management. She has also developed classes and curriculum for numerous colleges and universities.

Dr. Joy holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources, an Executive MBA and a Ph.D. in Organization and Management.

7 Steps to Success in the first course at the JLE Academy.  We are excited to share with you and help you in your business success journey.

This course will teach you...


What is needed to start your business Successfully


Marketing and money management tools

When you register for the class, you will also get a free workbook to help you and your organization.  Our goal is for you to have success on your journey! 


who and what to look for when building your team

What People Say

I was a student of Dr. Joy's and learned so much in her class.  She is easy to talk to and gives direction/instruction that is inclusive and uplifting

Tonya Green, PA

My Book "7 Steps to Success
for the Entrepreneur"
is a bestseller and has
been featured on 


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1183 University Dr. #105-125 

Burlington, NC 27215


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